Postgraduate Admissions

All postgraduate admissions must be made through the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ.

At PhD level, acceptance depends on the availability of a suitable supervisor within the group and obtaining the required finance.

In order to enable us to better match suitable prospective candidates with a supervisor, and provide assistance with the application process, we would be most grateful if those wishing to apply to study for a PhD degree as research students in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory could fill in our prospective Research Student early contact form.

In any event, the application should clearly state that work within the Machine Intelligence Laboratory is desired. EPSRC Postgraduate Awards are available for UK and EC students. These are limited in number and are allocated by the Engineering Department on a competitive basis. Individual supervisors will occasionally have access to funding for special purposes, but otherwise it is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain the necessary funding.

PhD applications for October entry must be received by the end of the preceding March. Otherwise applications can be made at any time of the year. The procedure once an application has been received depends on the availability of places and projects. Hence, no fixed guidance can be given except to say that candidates are kept informed if the processing of their application is going to be delayed.

Application material for the MPhil in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology can be obtained from Those interested in this course should read the CSTIT Entry Requirements and Admission Procedure page. Graduates of the MPhil course may apply to continue to do a PhD and indeed, potential PhD students in the speech and language area are often encouraged to do the MPhil first. MPhil graduates can count their MPhil year against their residence requirement for the PhD allowing them to complete the PhD within two years (provided, of course, that their work is up to the required standard).

The staff of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory do not admit students to study for the one-year MPhil degree by research. Students are encouraged to choose either the taught MPhil described above, or three-years of research leading to the PhD degree.

Queries regarding any aspect of graduate admission to the Machine Intelligence Laboratory should be directed in the first instance to
Janet Milne,
Divisional Secretary, Division F,
Engineering Dept,
Trumpington Street, CB2 1PZ
Tel: 01223 332752, Fax: 01223 332662,

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