Abstract for brostow_HoleFillingBMVC05

Proc. 16th British Machine Vision Conference 2005 - BMVC2005, Oxford.


Marta Wilczkowiak, Gabriel J. Brostow, Ben Tordoff and Roberto Cipolla

July 2005

To fill holes in photographs of structured, man made environments, we propose a technique which automatically adjusts and clones large image patches that have similar structure. These source patches can come from elsewhere in the same image, or from other images shot from different perspectives. Two significant developments of this work are the ability to automatically detect and adjust source patches whose macrostructure is compatible with the hole region, and alternately, to interactively specify a user's desired search regions. In contrast to existing photomontage algorithms which either synthesize microstructure or require careful user interaction to fill holes, our approach handles macrostructure with an adjustable degree of automation.

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