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Abstract for housden_tr669

Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/F-INFENG/TR669


R.J. Housden, A.H. Gee, G.M. Treece and R.W. Prager

June 2011

Most quasi-static ultrasound elastography methods image only the axial strain, derived from displacements measured in the direction of ultrasound propagation. Displacement estimation in other directions is significantly less accurate, but can be improved by steering the ultrasound beam through multiple angles and combining displacements measured along the different beam directions. In this paper, we investigate beamsteering as a way to estimate the full 3D displacement vector over a volume, using a simulated 2D array to steer both laterally and elevationally. With simulated and in vitro data, we show that more accurate lateral and elevational displacements and strains can be obtained using beamsteering.

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