Abstract for kykwong_ieice04

IEICE Trans on Information and Systems, vol E87-D, 1:27-33, Jan 2004


Wong, K-Y.K. and Cipolla, R.

Jan 2004

This paper presents a novel technique for reconstructing an outdoor sculpture from an uncalibrated image sequence acquired around it using a hand-held camera. The technique introduced here uses only the silhouettes of the sculpture for both motion estimation and model reconstruction, and no corner detection nor matching is necessary. This is very important as most sculptures are composed of smooth textureless surfaces, and hence their silhouettes are very often the only information available from their images. Besides, as opposed to previous works, the proposed technique does not require the camera motion to be perfectly circular (e.g., turntable sequence). It employs an image rectification step before the motion estimation step to obtain a rough estimate of the camera motion which is only approximately circular. A refinement process is then applied to obtain the true general motion of the camera. This allows the technique to handle large outdoor sculptures which cannot be rotated on a turntable, making it much more practical and flexible. key words: silhouette, approximate circular motion, motion estimation, model reconstruction

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