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Abstract for oa214_FPIV_2004_paper1

IEEE Workshop on Face Processing in Video, 5:83, 2004


O. Arandjelović and R. Cipolla.


In this work we consider face recognition from face motion manifolds. An information-theoretic approach with Resistor-Average Distance (RAD) as a dissimilarity measure between distributions of face images is proposed. We introduce a kernel-based algorithm that retains the simplicity of the closed-form expression for the RAD between two normal distributions, while allowing for modelling of complex, nonlinear manifolds. Additionally, it is shown how errors in the face registration process can be modelled to significantly improve recognition. Recognition performance of our method is experimentally demonstrated and shown to outperform state-of-the-art algorithms. Recognition rates of 97-100% are consistently achieved on databases of 35-90 people.

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