Abstract for hain_icassp99

Proc. ICASSP'99, Phoenix


T. Hain, P.C. Woodland, T.R. Niesler and E.W.D. Whittaker


This paper describes the 1998 HTK large vocabulary speech recognition system for conversational telephone speech as used in the NIST 1998 Hub5E evaluation. Front-end and language modelling experiments conducted using various training and test sets from both the Switchboard and Callhome English corpora are presented. Our complete system includes reduced bandwidth analysis, side-based cepstral feature normalisation, vocal tract length normalisation (VTLN), triphone and quinphone hidden Markov models (HMMs) built using speaker adaptive training (SAT), maximum likelihood linear regression (MLLR) speaker adaptation and a confidence score based system combination. A detailed description of the complete system together with experimental results for each stage of our multi-pass decoding scheme is presented. The word error rate obtained is almost 20% better than our 1997 system on the development set.

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