Abstract for odell_darpa99

Proc DARPA Broadcast News Workshop, March 1999. (Herndon, VA)


J.J. Odell, P.C. Woodland, T. Hain

March 1999

This paper describes the development of the CUHTK-Entropic 10xRT Broadcast News Transcription System. Previous HTK broadcast news transcription systems have focused on maximising accuracy with few constraints on compute power available. In order to develop a system running in under 10 times real time on a single CPU, detailed investigation and optimisation of the system architecture and mode of operation was required. This paper outlines those developments and discusses the way in which operation under 10xRT was ensured despite variability of the data to be recognised. On the 1998 test the system produced an average word error rate of 16.1% running in 9.5xRT.

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