Abstract for weber_bmvc2002

Proc. British Machine Vision Conference, Volume I, pages 83-92, Cardiff, UK


M. Weber, A. Blake and R. Cipolla

September 2002

This paper proposes a novel framework to construct a geometric and photometric model of a viewed object that can be used for visualisation in arbitrary pose and illumination. The method is solely based on images and does not require any specialised equipment. We assume that the object has a piece-wise smooth surface and that its reflectance can be modelled using a parametric bidirectional reflectance distribution function. Without assuming any prior knowledge on the object, geometry and reflectance have to be estimated simultaneously and occlusion and shadows have to be treated consistently. We exploit the geometric and photometric consistency using the fact that surface orientation and reflectance are local invariants. In a first implementation, we demonstrate the method using a Lambertian object placed on a turn-table and illuminated by a number of unknown point light-sources. A discrete voxel model is initialised to the visual hull and voxels identified as inconsistent with the invariants are removed iteratively. The resulting model is used to render images in novel pose and illumination.

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