Abstract for wong_iccv01

8th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2001), Vancouver, Canada.


K-Y.K. Wong and R. Cipolla

July 2001

This paper addresses the problem of recovering structure and motion from silhouettes. Silhouettes are projections of contour generators which are viewpoint dependent, and hence do not readily provide point correspondences for exploitation in motion estimation. Previous works have exploited correspondences induced by epipolar tangencies, and a successful solution has been developed in the special case of circular motion (turntable sequences). However, the main drawbacks are (1) new views cannot be added easily at a later time, and (2) part of the structure will always remain invisible under circular motion. In this paper, we overcome the above problems by incorporating arbitrary general views and estimating the camera poses using silhouettes alone. We present a complete and practical system which produces high quality 3D models from 2D uncalibrated silhouettes. The 3D models thus obtained can be refined incrementally by adding new arbitrary views and estimating their poses. Experimental results on various objects are presented, demonstrating the quality of the reconstructions.

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