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Dr Andrew Gee Dr Richard Prager Dr Graham Treece
Dr Andrew Gee Prof. Richard Prager Dr Graham Treece

Welcome to the home page of the Medical Imaging Group. Our goal is to develop new techniques for medical image acquisition and novel algorithms for visualisation and measurement that assist clinicians in diagnosis and treatment planning. Our primary specialism is in freehand three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging; we also research multi-modal imaging and associated registration techniques. If you have any questions about our work or would like to enquire about joining the group, please contact one of the group leaders: Andrew Gee, Richard Prager or Graham Treece.

Dr Laurence Berman 3D freehand scanning Dr Laurence Berman 3D freehand scanning Dr Michelle Fynes 3D freehand scanning

Dr Laurence Berman and Dr Michelle Fynes performing freehand three-dimensional ultrasound scans at Addenbrooke's hospital.

Fetal reslice segmentation Doppler reslice 3D Doppler 3D Doppler
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