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What is ATK?

ATK is an API designed to facilitate building experimental applications for HTK.  It consists of a C++ layer sitting on top of the standard HTK libraries.  This allows novel recognisers built using customised versions of HTK to be compiled with ATK and then tested in working systems.  Like HTK itself, it is portable across the main Unix platforms and Windows (both as a terminal application and under Windows as an MFC application) .  ATK supports finite-state grammars which can be loaded from disk and created/edited on-the-fly at run-time.  It also supports tri-gram statistical language models.

ATK is multi-threaded. It allows multiple user inputs (voice commands, mouse-clicks, gestures, etc) to be combined into a single data stream.  ATK can return recognition results word-by-word as they are recognised to reduce latency to a minimum and  enable highly responsive systems to be built.

Basic ATK System Configuration

To find out more, download the manual PDF (1Mb) or you can download the ATK distribution from the HTK website here 

The current version of ATK is V1.6.0.