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Version 1.6.0   This the current release.

Released in June 2007 this is a major new release. In addition to the new features developed in version 1.5, ATK now includes support for speech output synchronised with input to allow "open-mic" operation with barge-in. To enable "out of the box" operation, it includes the Flite speech synthesiser fully integrated.

Version 1.5.0

Version 1.5.0 was developed at CUED during the course of the FP6 Talk Project .  This new version of ATK contains a number of new features in addition to a variety of bug fixes.  The new features include support for N-best output, multiple coders, higher order differences in feature vectors and HLDA, speaker adaptation transforms, and class-based N-gram language models.  It was never officially released outside of the Talk Project.

Version 1.4.1

Known issues

Before using Debug->Start to execute the ATKLib test programs (TBase, TSource, TCode, TRec), ensure that the Debugging properties are set correctly:  the Working Directory should be "Test" and the Command Arguments should be "-C Txxx.cfg"  where Txxx is the test program name.