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CamInfo Tourist Information System: Example Dialogues

These are dialogues collected with our live dialogue system. If you cannot see the play buttons below you must install a plug-in to play sound files.

  • Date: November 2010
  • User location: Cambridge, UK
  • ASR: ATK speech recognizer
  • NLU: Phoenix grammar
  • DM: Hidden Information State (HIS)
  • NLG: SPaRKy for CamInfo domain
  • TTS: Baratinoo female English voice (France Telecom/Orange Labs)
After an initial silence, the system helps by giving options on what to ask for; the user asks for a place with an internet connection, which is initially misrecognised as 'thank you', but the system recovers after a second attempt and offers a suitable venue.
The system first interprets 'postcode' as 'pricerange', but it recovers at the following turn.
Towards the end the system misrecognises 'what type of food do they do' as 'what time does it', but the user request is correctly understood at the following turn.
'Trumpington' is not recognised initially; in the next attempt it is in the N-best list, but the system is still not sufficiently confident about it; in the turn after that the user again mentions Trumpington and the system offers an appropriate venue.
There is no matching venue in the database. The user changes her mind and the system handles it correctly.
The system wrongly suggests a cheap Chinese restaurant rather than a cheap coffee shop, before changing its belief gradually.
At first, the system misrecognises the food type. Eventually, the system recovers.