Toward Automatic Bloodspatter Analysis in Crime Scenes



Some scenes of violent crime contain blood stains.
Blood spatter stains occur when blood falls passively due to force
being applied to a body. There is a well established though
extremely tedious technique by which a specially trained forensic
technician can analyse the individual blood spots. This procedure
estimates the body's 2D location on the floorplan when the body
was impacted. Our image analysis algorithm contributes an automatic
and accessible alternative that could be exploited at crime scenes,
assuming the stains are known to be the result of spatter. This
paper presents our approach and the results of comparative
experiments we used to confirm the accuracy of the algorithm.

- A. R. Shen, G. J. Brostow, R. Cipolla, "Toward Automatic Bloodspatter Analysis in Crime Scenes,"
    in Proceedings IET (formerly IEE) Crime and Security Conference, p378-383, 2006,
    (oral presentation in session on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention)
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Contact: Gabriel J. Brostow or Prof. Roberto Cipolla