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Michelle Fynes scanning at the Rosie Maternity, Addenbrookes Hospital with the SOLUS acquisition system. The clinical interface avoids the use of a keyboard or mouse by using a touch screen, a foot switch and a `virtual probe'. Visit our interactive demo to find out more.
Latest update 24/6/99 : Reslicing, segmentation tools, animations and images added

Standardisation of On-line Ultrasound Scanning in Three Dimensions


The SOLUS-3D project is focused on the development of visualisation and measurement techniques based on three dimensional diagnostic ultrasound. The coordinating centre is the Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge. There are four working groups. The first two working groups are concerned with the capture, measurement and rendering of the 3D data, while the third evaluates the results in a clinical context.

We have chosen obstetrics and gynaecology as the clinical field to assess the system because it provides a unique possibility of making a large number of measurements during pregnancy; and then of validating almost all of these measurements objectively a short time later - either after a vaginal delivery, or else at/after delivery by Caesarean section.

The fourth working group is responsible for bringing together the accuracy and performance information provided by the rest of the project and generating suitable reports to contribute to the work of the international stardardisation bodies.

Fetal reslice Fetal reslice surface render Fetal reslice Fetal reslice
Co-ordinating centre: Partners: Associate Partners: Project commencement date: May 1996

Interactive demo of the SOLUS acquisition interface - New!

Click here to see the clinical interface developed for data acquisition at Addenbrooke's Hospital. This interactive tour allows the viewer to get a feeling of what it is like to use the system and how easy it can be to acquire 3D ultrasound data.

Lol Berman scanning at Addenbrookes Hospital, Dept. Radiology with the SOLUS acquisition system. (Toshiba Power vision)


Project leader: Kevin Dalton kjd5@cam.ac.uk
Web site maintainer: Jonathan Carr jccc@eng.cam.ac.uk


Jillian Clements,
Project coordinator SOLUS-3D,
Division of Materno-Fetal Medicine,
Dept. Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Cambridge,
Rosie Maternity Hospital,
Addenbrookes Hospital,
Cambridge CB2 2QQ, England
Email: jmc38@medschl.cam.ac.uk

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