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MIL Speech Seminars 2004-2005

The MIL Speech Seminars occur roughly every two weeks during full term and occasionally during vacations. The purpose of the seminars is to enable researchers in various fields to present recent work that has potential benefits for speech technology.

The MIL Speech Seminar series schedule for Michaelmas Term was:

16th November 2004 Do Yeong Kim (MIL RA) Recent Developments at Cambridge in Broadcast News Transcription This seminar will present recent work on improving broadcast news transcription along with details of the CU-HTK Broadcast News English (BN-E) transcription systems for the DARPA/NIST Rich Transcription 2004 Speech-to-Text (RT04) evaluation. A key focus has been building a system using an order of magnitude more acoustic training data than we have previously attempted. A range of techniques to improve both Minimum Phone Error (MPE) training and the efficient creation of MPE-based narrow-band models have been explored. Two systems were built for under 10xRT condition in the RT04 evaluation. The primary system uses dual segmentations and combination, while the constrast system is based on conventional multi-pass and multi-branch structure. An interesting 1xRT system that ourperformed our RT03 10xRT system will also be discussed.

If you are interested in giving a seminar presentation or if you would like more information about the seminar series please contact Marcus Tomalin