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Arantza del Pozo

I've moved!

I'm now with VICOMTech - Human Speech and Language Technology Group

I am a former PhD student of the Machine Intelligent Laboratory at the Cambridge University Engineering Department under the supervision of Prof. Steve Young. Previously, I did an MPhil here in Cambridge and a BEng at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. My studies were funded by the Basque Government. I am also a member of Christ's College.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the application of voice conversion techniques to the enhancement of disordered speech. I am particularly interested in tracheoesophageal speech and I am currently developing systems for the repair of its excitation and duration characteristics.


PhD Thesis

  • A. del Pozo, "Voice Source and Duration Modelling for Voice Conversion and Speech Repair", April 2008 [pdf]

Conference Papers

  • A. del Pozo and S. Young, "Continuous Tracheoesophageal Speech Repair", European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2006, Florence, Italy [pdf]
  • A. del Pozo and S. Young, "Repairing Tracheoesophageal Speech Duration", Speech Prosody 2008, Campinas, Brazil [pdf]
  • A. del Pozo and S. Young, "The Linear Transformation of LF Glottal Waveforms for Voice Conversion", Interspeech 2008, Brisbane, Australia [pdf]


  • A. del Pozo, "Tracheoesophageal Speech Repair", Seminar presented at CUED, November 2006 [ppt]

Masters Thesis

  • A. del Pozo, "Laryngectomee speech enhancement using voice conversion techniques", CUED MPhil Thesis, July 2004 [pdf]

Contact information

Arantza del Pozo
Fallside Laboratory
Engineering Department
Cambridge University
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1PZ,UK

email: ad371 at cam dot ac dot uk
phone: +44 1223 765152

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