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MIPS-Datapath is a graphical MIPS CPU simulator. The program is intended to be used as a teaching aid for computer architecture courses involving MIPS. MIPS-Datapath simulates 10 different MIPS instructions (detailed in the user guide) with a graphical representation of the processor displaying how instructions are executed. The graphical user interface has an editor included allowing instructions to be written, and then parsed. These instructions are then fed into the simulator.


The simulator highlights the paths that are used as data passes through the processor. All data in the processor can be accessed using pop-up mouse-over displays or the panel to the left of the graphical display. Internal memory is shown in the panel on the left, all other data using the pop-ups.

MIPS-Datapath is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.

Source code (including make file) - requires wxWidgets, OpenGL, and GLUT development libraries.

Precompiled x86-64 executable for Ubuntu 16.04 - requires wxWidgets, OpenGL, and GLUT.

Precompiled x86-64 executable for Centos 7 - requires wxWidgets, OpenGL, and GLUT.

Precompiled Microsoft Windows executable - includes required dll file.