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F-AHG-2: The Part IIA GF2 project and Python

With Part I computing teaching now delivered in Python, this is the time to re-evaluate Part IIA project GF2, which is currently tied to C++, OpenGL and the the wxWidgets GUI library. The aim of this project is to investigate the possibility of using Python and wxPython instead. This project is ideally suited to an experienced Python programmer who is taking GF2 this year and is also interested in pedagogy. Apart from translating and refactoring code, there is plenty of scope to re-evaluate the core learning objectives of the project, in the light of modern software engineering practice.

Project GF2 is a team-based project. It involves designing a logic description language, writing a scanner and parser for this language, simulating the logic circuit and interacting with the simulation through a GUI. There is a lot of supplied C++ code which would need refactoring and translating into Python. Thought also needs to be given to the way the traces are displayed (currently OpenGL) and how the GUI is written (currrently wxWidgets).
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