I am a third year PhD student in the Speech, Vision and Robotics Group in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, where I am supervised by Prof. Roberto Cipolla and Dr. Phil Torr (who works at Microsoft Research).
My current field of research is computer vision, more specifically generating 3D models of architecture from images. I am particularly interested in Classical and Gothic buildings, because they often follow a set style which gives us extra information to work with. More information is available on my research page.

In 1997 I completed a B. Sc. (Honours) in the Faculty of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, University of Adelaide, where my final year project on wavelet-based image matching was supervised by Mike Brooks and Julian Magarey. Our main focus was on facial images - to the left is a rendering of my face based on the results of this matching.
I can be contacted at:
Department of Engineering,
University of Cambridge,
Trumpington St.,
Cambridge CB2 1PZ.
United Kingdom.
Email: ard28@eng.cam.ac.uk
Phone: +44 1223 332 754
Fax: +44 1223 332 662
And here is my CV, currently only in PDF format. I plan to do a nice HTML version soon.

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