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Catherine Breslin

Catherine was in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory in 2012-2014 as a research associate in the Dialogue Systems group run by Prof Steve Young, and also as a PhD student in 2004-2008 supervised by Prof Mark Gales.

Prior to joining the group, she studied Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford University, graduating in 2003, before completing an MPhil in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology at Cambridge University in 2004. Catherine has also worked at Toshiba Research.

She instituted the Friday speech group seminars within the speech group.

Project and research interests

  • Neural Network Language Models
  • Online automatic speech recognition (ASR) and voice activity detection (VAD) for dialogue systems
  • Combining VAD and ASR for improved performance
  • End-of-turn detection for improved turn-taking in dialogue
  • Incremental recognition and adaptation for more flexible dialogue management
  • Generation and combination of complementary systems for speech recognition
  • Speaker identification, clustering and adaptation

Publications 2004-2013

Conference Papers

  • C. Breslin, M. Gašić, M. Henderson, D. Kim, M. Szummer, B. Thomson, P. Tsiakoulis and S. Young
    "Continuous ASR for Flexible Incremental Dialogue"
    ICASSP 2013, to appear
  • M. Gašić, C. Breslin, M. Henderson, D. Kim, M. Szummer, B. Thomson, P. Tsiakoulis and S. Young
    "On-line Policy Optimisation of Bayesian Spoken Dialogue Systems via Human Interaction"
    ICASSP 2013, to appear
  • C. Breslin, K.K. Chin, M.J.F. Gales and K. Knill
    "Integrated Online Speaker Clustering and Adaptation" (pdf)
    Interspeech 2011
  • K.K. Chin, H. Xu, M.J.F. Gales, C. Breslin and K. Knill
    "Prior Joint Speaker and Noise Compensation for Robust Speech Recognition" (pdf)
    ICASSP 2011
  • C. Breslin, H. Xu, K.K. Chin, M.J.F. Gales and K. Knill
    "Prior Information for Rapid Speaker Adaptation" (pdf)
    Interspeech 2010
  • C. Breslin, M. Stuttle and K. Knill
    "Compression Techniques Applied to Multiple Speech Recognition Systems" (pdf)
    Interspeech 2009
  • C. Breslin and M.J.F. Gales
    "Building Multiple Complementary Systems using Directed Decision Trees" (ps|pdf)
    Interspeech, August 2007
  • C. Breslin and M.J.F. Gales
    "Complementary System Generation Using Directed Decision Trees" (ps|pdf)
    ICASSP, April 2007
  • C. Breslin and M.J.F. Gales
    "Generating Complementary Systems for Speech Recognition" (ps|pdf)
    Interspeech, Sept 2006

Journal Papers

  • C. Breslin and M.J.F. Gales
    "Directed Decision Trees for Generating Complementary Systems" Speech Comunication May 2009


  • "Speech processing system and method" filed March 2011
  • "An adaptive speech recognition system and method using a cascade of transforms" filed May 2010
  • "An adaptive speech processing system" filed May 2010
  • "A speech recognition based method and system for retrieving data" filed November 2008 (secondary inventor)
  • "A speech recognition system using a plurality of acoustic models which share probability distributions" filed November 2008

PhD project (2004-2008)

  • Complementary model generation for automatic speech recognition
  • Minimum Bayes Risk Training
  • Model combination for Automatic Speech Recognition

PhD Thesis

  • C. Breslin (2008)
    "Generation and Combination of Complementary Systems for Automatic Speech Recognition" (pdf)
    Completed June 2008

Contact Information

Catherine Breslin
Engineering Department
Trumpington Street, Cambridge
CB2 1PZ, UK e-mail cb404(at)eng.cam.ac.uk
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