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Thesis Documents

Document Download
Dissertation Proposal
"Ensembles of Weak Object Detectors"
Defended: January 21, 2009 Pass

Class Papers

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10. D. Eads. "A New Adaptive Approach to Learning Object Detectors in Unstructured Environments." Final Report for Independent Study. CMPS 299. May, 2008. (18 pages)  
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1. D. Eads. "MRAM: Exploring Alternative Data Structures for Low-Level Filesystem Management." Final Report for Advanced Operating Systems. CMPS 203. December, 2005. PDF

Class Notes (Scribe Duty)

Paper Download
"A Summary of Nonlinear Programming (NLP)." ISM 206. Fall 2006. PDF

Acknowledged in

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1. J. Geigel, M. Schweppe. "Theatrical storytelling in a virtual space." ACM Workshop on Story Representation. 2005.  

Software Docs and Manuals

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Plotting Dendrograms with scipy-cluster (November, 2007) HTML
SIF Reference Manual, Format Specification, and API Documentation (November, 2007) PDF HTML
scipy-cluster API Documentation (September, 2007) HTML
MMLS API Documentation (August, 2007) Link Coming Soon
A crash-course on the Zeus Grammar System (ZGS). (June, 2005).
Unreleased LANL Technical Report.
ritfob API Documentation (May, 2004) HTML
ritglove API Documentation (May, 2004) HTML
OSU-SVM API Documentation (not original author, helped revise in May, 2003) HTML
mfitsio Developer's Documentation (January, 2003) PDF
ritopt API Documentation (November, 2001) HTML
ritopt Tutorial (November, 2001) PDF HTML