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Dr Fabio Galasso is a post-doctoral Research Associate at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany. His main research interests are video analysis and segmentation and the design of models which leverage video segmentation for understanding dynamic scenes.

Fabio is a former associate of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Department of Engineering (CUED), University of Cambridge, where he researched motion-based video segmentation and spatio-temporal clustering under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Cipolla.

Fabio read Electrical Engineering and Signal Processing for Telecommunications at RomaTre University in Rome and graduated (UK and US equivalent: Master's Degree) cum laude (with honours).

He joined the Department of Engineering and St. John's College in Cambridge for a PhD with Dr Joan Lasenby. Under her supervision, he researched Shape-from-Texture, focusing on the spectral analysis of homogeneous textures and on the 3D-shape reconstruction.

Before and after his Master's Degree, he gained experience as a Researcher in the Ericsson Laboratories and as a Project Engineer in Telecom Italia.

Fabio Galasso is passionate about new ideas and transforming them into products.