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Module 3G4 - Medical Imaging and 3D Computer Graphics

Delaunay Triangulation and the Voronoi Diagram

VoroGlide applet logo

VoroGlide allows to watch how the structure of the Voronoi diagram/Delaunay triangulation/convex hull changes as individual points are dragged across the plane.

Though written in Java, VoroGlide is fast enough to provide a smooth response to the user's actions. In addition, it offers a single step animation mode for the incremental Delaunay construction and a recorder for teaching purposes.

Please wait until the VoroGlide button is activated, then push:

Sorry, this WWW browser does not seem to understand Java applets.

In case the applet does not start: If you are running an older version of Netscape on Windows 95, try this page.

Use the following on the VoroGlide window.
- Push left mouse button to set point.
- Push right mouse button (or <Alt> mouse) to remove point.
- Drag mouse with left button pressed to move point.
- Choose one or more structures to be shown in the Show menu.
- Refer to the Help menu for further information.

Author: © 1996-1997 Praktische Informatik VI, FernUniversität Hagen
Christian Icking, Rolf Klein, Peter Köllner, Lihong Ma
© 2005 Cambridge University Engineering Dept and Graham Treece .
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