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News: As of October 1st 2005, I have moved to the Active Vision Group at Oxford University. My new web-site is here. These pages will disappear in the future and are no longer maintained.

Real-Time Visual Tracking

Tracking comparison

This video demonstrates the tracking performance achievable using motion blur predition.

[4.5MB mpeg1]

HMD-Based Augmented Reality

HMD Calibration

A demonstration of the procedure by which the user calibrates the position and projection parameters of a Sony Glasstron Head-Mounted Display. This calibration is necessary for optical see-through AR.

[16MB mpeg1] [7MB divx5]

Printer maintenance

A simple printer maintenance demo. This video was shot through an optically see-through HMD.

[12MB mpeg2] [7MB divx5 avi]

Machine room / matrix

A demo of immersive AR, again shot through an optically see-through HMD.

[24MB mpeg2] [14MB divx5 avi]

Tablet-Based Augmented Reality

Sensor fusion

A comparison of the two tablet tracking techniques employed, individually and in combination.

[27MB quicktime] [21MB divx5 avi]

Occlusion refinement

This video demonstrates that small registration errors can be corrected in video see-through systems.

[6MB quicktime] [14MB divx5 avi]

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