Technical program

Keynote: Topics of Active Research in Reinforcement Learning Relevant to Spoken Dialog Systems

Pascal Poupart

Comparing Real-Real, Simulated-Simulated, and Simulated-Real Spoken Dialogue Corpora

Hua Ai and Diane Litman

Efficient Planning and Tracking in POMDPs with Large Observation Spaces

Amin Atrash and Joelle Pineau

A "k hypotheses + other" Belief Updating Model

Dan Bohus and Alex Rudnicky

Learning Decision Models in Spoken Dialogue Systems Via User Simulation

Ed Filisko and Stephanie Seneff

Managing Unseen Situations in a Stochastic Dialog Model

David Griol, Lluis F. Hurtado, Encarna Segarra, and Emilio Sanchis

Dialogue Strategy Optimization with Reinforcement Learning in an AT&T Call Routing Application

Charles Lewis and Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio

Scaling POMDPs for Dialogue Management with Composite Summary Point-Based Value Iteration (CSPBVI)

Jason D. Williams and Steve Young

Modeling the Dative Alternation With Automatically Extracted Features

Huayan Zhong, Amanda Stent, and Mary Swift