Information Engineering Division

Department of Engineering

Patrick Gosling

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Computing Support, Information Engineering Division

Computer officer responsible for computing support within the Information Engineering Division

Contact Information

The most reliable means of contacting me is by email to jpmg at eng dot cam dot ac dot uk.

Requests for things to be done relating to Machine Intelligence Laboratory computer systems may be usefully sent to milab dash support at eng dot cam dot ac dot uk.

I have extremely aggressive email filters (my email account has quite often been the recipient of more than 25% of all incoming spam and forgery-back-scatter to the department).

If you email me from an address that is not within , your email is significantly more likely to fail to pass the filters.

Face blindness

I should probably note that I'm mildly face blind. I'm very bad at recognising people in unexpected contexts, or where part of their face is obscured. The upside is that I'm very good at recognising people from a distance (from their posture / how they walk / etc).

This does mean I have to work quite hard at mapping people to their names and userids, and sometimes find this quite stressful to do. I apologise for sometimes getting it wrong.

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