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Jonathan Parker

I am a PhD student in the Computer Vision & Robotics Group, Machine Intelligence Laboratory in the Department of Engineering , University of Cambridge. I am supervised by Professor Roberto Cipolla . I am a member of Jesus College .

My main area of research is model-based expressive Visual Text to Speech Synthesis, with a particular focus on representations of facial expression manifolds with the goal of aiding expression transfer. My other research interests are in computer vision and machine learning.

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 2010 and a Master of Science in Engineering in 2012, both at the University of KwaZulu-Natal .

Expressive Visual Speech Synthesis and Expression Adaptation using Deep Neural Networks

We present an expressive visual text to speech system (VTTS) based on a deep neural network (DNN). Given an input text sentence and a set of expression tags, the VTTS is able to produce not only the audio speech, but also the accompanying facial movements. The expressions can either be one of the expressions in the training corpus or a blend of expressions from the training corpus. Furthermore, we present a method of adapting a previously trained DNN to include a new expression using a small amount of training data. Experiments show that the proposed DNN-based VTTS is preferred by 57.9% over the baseline hidden Markov model based VTTS which uses cluster adaptive training.

Adaptation of an Expressive Single Speaker Deep Neural Network Speech Synthesis System

We present a technique to adapt an expressive single speaker DNN speech synthesis model to a new speaker, allowing for both neutral and expressive speech in the new speakers voice. Experiments show that the proposed adaptation technique achieves higher MOS scores on both neutral and expressive speech, and higher speaker similarity and slightly lower expression similarity scores on the expressive speech when compared with another DNN speaker adaptation technique.

Contact Information
email:Jonathan Parker (jwp37)
address: Department of Engineering. University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ