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Milica Gašić

Research Fellow
Murray Edwards College

Senior Research Associate
Dialogue Systems Group
Machine Intelligence Laboratory
Information Engineering Division

I graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Belgrade at the Faculty of Mathematics in 2006. Since then, I have been at the University of Cambridge, first, as an MPhil student studying Computer Speech Text and Internet Technology at the Computer Laboratory. Subsequently, I did a PhD in Statistical Dialogue Modelling under the supervision of Prof Steve Young at the Engineering Department. My research was funded by the EPSRC project Spoken Dialogue Management using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes and I also worked in collaboration with the EC FP7 project Computational Learning in Adaptive Systems for Spoken Conversation. Since January 2011, I have been a Research Associate in the Dialogue Systems Group. I was a technical area leader for the Parlance project, an EU FP7 project. In October 2014, I was elected a Research Fellow of Murray Edwards College.

My research lies in the area of Spoken Dialogue Systems, with a particular focus on Partially Observable Markov Decision Process as means to model the uncertainty in human computer interaction via speech. I am greatly interested in Machine Learning algorithms and their application to robust Dialogue Management.

A demo of a spoken dialogue system developed by our group is available here. Alternatively, you can call our telephone-based spoken dialogue system on +44 1223 852 453.

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Milica Gašić
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