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Milica Gašić

Murray Edwards College

Lecturer in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Head of Dialogue Systems Group
Machine Intelligence Laboratory
Information Engineering Division
Department of Engineering

I am looking for talented Postdocs and PhD students, please get in touch!

I am a Lecturer in Spoken Dialogue Systems at the Department of Engineering and a Fellow of Murray Edwards College.

My research lies in various aspects of spoken dialogue systems and in particular decision-making. I am greatly interested in machine learning algorithms and their application to human-computer dialogue with the aim of building systems that can learn how to conduct a dialogue directly from human interaction and are scalable to large domains.

Information engineering investigates the generation, distribution, analysis and use of information in engineering systems. Developing models and analytical methods for decision-making that can be implemented in intelligent systems is one of the strategic themes of the Engineering Department.

Current projects

Completed projects


PyDial is an open source toolkit developed by our group for building multi-domain statistical dialogue systems.


I won an ERC Starting Grant for 1.5M€ for 5 years

I won an Alexander von Humboldt Sofja Kovalevskaja Grant for 1.65M€ for 5 years

We won the best resource paper at EMNLP 2018, October 2018

My students Chris Tegho and Pawel Budzianowski won a best student paper award at ICASSP 2018, April 2018.

I am taking part in Cambridge Science Festival, March 2018.

PyDial is available for download, July 207.

I am awarded a Google Faculty Award, Feb 2017

I am awarded an EPSRC First Grant for project NAUM - Natural Automated Utility for Mental Health, Jan 2017

She talks science blog, September 2016.

My interview to the Naked Scientists, March 2016.

My interview to Korean TV Chosun, March 2016.