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Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis

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Research Interest

This work is primarily undertaken at Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.

  • Parametric acoustic models for speech synthesis
  • Trainable excitation models
  • Use of found data for speech synthesis
  • Controllable speech synthesis (both speaker and expressive state)

Selected Publications

  • Braunschweiler N., Gales M.J.F. and Buchholz S. (2010)
    Lightly supervised recognition for automatic alignment of large coherent speech recordings.
    InterSpeech 2010
  • Pilkington N., Zen H. and Gales M.J.F. (2011)
    Gaussian process experts for voice conversion.
    InterSpeech 2011
  • Zen, H., Gales M.J.F., Nankaku, Y. and Tokuda, K. (2011)
    Product of Experts for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis.
    IEEE Transactions Audio Speech and Language Processing.
  • Zen, H., Braunschweiler, N., Buchholz, S.,Gales M.J.F., Knill, K., Krstulovic, S. and Latorre, J. (2012)
    Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Based on Speaker and Language Factorization.
    IEEE Transactions Audio Speech and Language Processing.
  • Wan V., Latorre, J., Chin K.K., Chen L. and Gales M.J.F., Zen H., Knill K. and Akamine M. (2012)
    Combining multiple high quality corpora for improving HMM-TTS.
    To appear InterSpeech 2012
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