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Martin Layton

Martin Layton is a PhD student in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory (formerly the Speech Vision and Robotics (SVR) group) under the supervision of Dr Mark Gales.

Research interests

  • Augmented Statistical Models
  • Acoustic Modelling for speech recognition
  • Generative kernels (a more general form of Fisher kernel)
  • Maximum margin (for augmented models) and conditional maximum likelihood (for conditional augmented models) estimation


Journal Papers

  • M.J.F. Gales and M.I. Layton (2006).
    Training Augmented Models using SVMs,

Conference and Workshop Papers

Technical Reports

Contact Information

Martin Layton
Fallside Laboratory
Engineering Department
Trumpington Street, Cambridge Email ml362(at)eng.cam.ac.uk
CB2 1PZ, UK Tel: +44 (0)1223 765 152

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