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Matt Stuttle is a Research Associate at the Cambridge University Engineering Department. He is in the Speech, Vision and Robotics (SVR) group in the Information Engineering Division working with Professor Steve Young on the TALK project. He is also a member of Hughes Hall. His Curriculum Vitae is available for download


Currently affliated with the EU TALK project - Talk and Look, Tools for Ambient Linguistic Knowledge , developing multimodal human-computer interfaces.


Design and fabrication of a low-cost microengineered silicon pressure with linearised output
SP Beeby, M Stuttle and NM White
IEE Proceedings: Science, Measurement and Technology, 2000, Vol. 147, No. 3 pp
Low-cost micromachined silicon capacitive pressure sensor for industrial applications
SP Beeby, M Stuttle, T Papakostas and NM White
Proceedings of Sensors and their Applications X, Cardiff, September 1999, IOP Publishing, Bristol, ISBN 07503 06254

A Mixture of Gaussians Front End for Speech Recognition
M Stuttle, MJF Gales
Eurospeech 2001
Combining a GMM frontend with MFCC parameters
M Stuttle, MJF Gales
ICSLP 2002
Combining a GMM frontend with MFCC parameters slides
A Framework for Dialogue Data Collection with a Simulated ASR Channel
M Stuttle, JD Williams, SJ Young
ICSLP 2004

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