Dr Neill Campbell

Research Associate, Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Department of Engineering

I've now moved to a Research Associate Position at University College London.

Please visit my new site here (this one is no longer updated).

Computer Vision

Welcome to my website. I am a Research Associate in the Computer Vision Group of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, in the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge. I'm currently working on the EU Hydrosys Project led by Dr. Ed Rosten.

My main area of research involves recovering 3D shape from images. In particular, I am interested in performing this in an automatic fashion that allows these technologies to be put to use in a variety of applications without requiring users to have computer vision expertise. Further details may be found here as well as in my publications.

I completed my PhD, in the Computer Vision Group, under the supervision of Professor Roberto Cipolla and the guidance of Dr. George Vogiatzis and Dr. Carlos Hernández. I was funded by a Schiff Foundation Scholarship and Toshiba Research.

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