Panorama Visualisation

The panorama visualisation page allows extended field-of-view displays for data in which the probe has been moved sideways (i.e. within its own plane) rather than forwards. The visualisation follows the frames as the probe is moved, hence it does not correspond to a flat plane in space, and it is not possible to make measurements from a panorama.

The visualisation can either be used on pre-recorded data, or on live data as it is recorded. To use the panorama in live mode, select panorama visualisation before pressing the 'live display' and 'record' buttons on the main tool bar. Best results can be obtained when using gated mode for recording.

The first line of the visualisation page indicates whether the recorded data seems suitable for this type of display. Following this are two buttons. The first can be used to align the display either automatically or to the first or last frame. When you have got an image you like, you can save it in a variety of formats (Windows bitmap, PNG, JPEG, TIFF) using the second button.