RF Oscilloscope Visualisation

The RF oscilloscope visualisation page allows an A-line, or a set of A-lines, to be displayed as an oscilloscope trace. This can be used with live or prerecorded RF echo data. To use the oscilloscope in live mode, make sure you have pressed the 'live display' button on the main tool bar, and have selected the 'RF' data format in the record task page.

The visualisation page contains self-explanatory sliders that control what is displayed, the range of vectors to display, the range of samples within the vectors to display, and the amplification applied to the signal traces. There is also a checkbox to toggle on and off the axis ticks, and a menu to select different signals to display (ranging from raw RF to baseband phase).

The portion of the B-scan corresponding to the oscilloscope traces is shaded in green in the top-left image window.