These pages contain groups of controls that enable you to perform a variety of tasks. You can change task page using the tabs that run along the top of the pages. The task menu provides an alternative quick way of changing the current task.

The task pages can be located either above the visualisation pages, or on the left hand side of the application window.

Used to open a Stradwin template file. These store configuration information, for instance the size of the ultrasound images.
Controls setting up of image and position sources, and recording of 3D ultrasound data.
Probe calib
Controls the probe calibration of the 3D ultrasound acquisition system, i.e. the determination of the relative location of the position sensor and ultrasound image.
This page enables you to register Stradwin's global coordinate system with external set of axes. This is done by identifying points along each axis using the pointer.
This page enables you to calibrate a pointer for locating points in 3D space. The pointer can then be used for probe calibration, or to record the position of fiducial markers.
Cal with pointer
This performs the same task as the 'Probe calib' page, but using the pointer rather than calibrating to a plane.
This page enables you to correct a data set for small errors in the position sensor or variable probe contact pressure during scanning.
Controls the outlining of objects within the 3D data and enables the measurement of areas and volumes.
Allows the measurement of lengths and angles related to landmarks, and the naming and manipulation of landmarks and surface-based curves. Landmarks are created using the landmark tool, and curves are created using the draw tool on a 3D surface.
Provides a simple interface for visualising strain images from RF data.
Enables the measurement of bone cortical properties from DICOM CT data.
Fit femur
Provides a method for segmenting the proximal femur from CT data by fitting a model.
Allows the creation and running of scripts which can be used to automate some of the features in Stradwin, particularly those associated with cortical bone mapping. Scripts allow the same commands to be run automatically on multiple Stradwin files.