Template files contain configuration and probe calibration information. They end in the suffix '.swt', although you may not see this on a Windows system. Details of the format of these files and the information they contain can be found here.

You need a template file for each ultrasound probe that you wish to use, for each depth setting that will be employed. The template task page is designed to make it easy for you to swap between probes and depth settings by just clicking on the name of a template file to load it.

If you mount a position sensor on an ultrasound probe, perform a probe calibration, and save the results in a template file, then that template file will only remain useful as long as the position sensor mount stays rigidly fixed to the probe.

The sequence of tasks for preparing a template file is as follows:

Template files are created using the file menu - the templates task page only provides a facility for loading template files.

To use the templates task page, you must first select the folder in which your template files are stored. This is done using the 'Choose templates folder' button. The templates found in this folder will then be listed. If you double-click on a name, a confirmatory dialog will appear, and if you click 'OK' on the dialog the template will be loaded.

It's a good idea to give your template files informative names such as 'toshiba_3.5MHz_10cm_depth.swt', or 'diasus_28MHz_2cm_depth.swt'.