Pressure Visualisation

The pressure visualisation page enables an image to be displayed which is ideal for assessing the effect of position sensor jitter or probe contact pressure errors, and subsequent corrections thereto. If the data is 3D, a reslice will be displayed which is roughly orthogonal to the original frames, but still with the skin surface at the top of the reslice. If the data is panoramic, a panorama will be displayed. The size and location of each of these are automatically adjusted in order to encompass all of the available data.

During pressure correction, this visualisation is permanently displayed and it is not possible to switch to another visualisation, without also switching to another task.

The first line indicates whether a position or pressure correction is available, and whether it has been applied to this image. Following this there is a control which can be dragged to move the out-of-plane position of a reslice in order to visualise the entire data set. This control has no effect if a panorama is being visualised rather than a reslice.

If a correction is available, the 'toggle correction' button can be used to temporarily apply this correction just to this display so it can be assessed. Note that when performing pressure correction, the temporary application causes the image to take longer to update than would normally be the case. The temporary correction is only applied to the ultrasound data: contours or landmarks are not affected, though they are if the correction is permanently applied to the data.

When you have got an image you like, you can save it in a variety of formats (Windows bitmap, PNG, JPEG, TIFF) using the button at the bottom of the task page.