The Review Window

The Review Window

This window displays B-scans from the recording buffer. A slider across the bottom of the window is used to choose which frame is displayed. A `Save' button is provided which enables the B-scan image to be saved to a ppm file. The B-scan can also be displayed in the `Outline' window by selecting `Texture'.

The window displays the intersection of the current reslice plane (if defined) with the frame. This shows up as a green line. A green curve shows the intersection of the current manifold surface (if defined) with the frame. The window also allows segmentation to be performed by manual tracing of the segmentation contours. The contours show up as coloured curves. If you think the display is getting cluttered, you can toggle the reslice line, manifold surface and segmentation contours on and off using the `Reslice' and `Segmentation' buttons above the slider (the `Reslice' button handles both the reslice plane and the manifold surface). See the section on segmentation for details of how to define segmentation contours in the review window.

Provided you have not switched off the green line by clicking the `Reslice' toggle button, you can change the current slice plane by holding down the shift key and clicking mouse buttons in this window. One click with the left mouse button defines a plane across the current B-scan, perpendicular to the current B-scan. Hold down and drag the left mouse button to define a plane along the drag line, perpendicular to the current B-scan. While you are dragging, the images in the `Reslice' and `Manifold' windows may update in real time, depending on the setting of the `CPU & graphics performance' slider in the `Edit setup' panel.

If you define a plane using one of these two methods, you can subsequently change its angle to the B-scan in which it was defined by clicking with the middle mouse button in a different B-scan. This defines the third point that the plane is required to pass through. Don't forget to hold down the shift key when defining the slice plane: without the shift key, the mouse buttons perform segmentation functions. Also don't forget that you cannot define the slice plane if you have decided not to display it by clicking the `Reslice' toggle button.

Calibrated rulers appear along the sides of the `Review' window whenever the `Measurements' window is open.

Note that if image registration has been applied, this window will show the registered data, not the original data.