Visualisation Menu

The Visualisation Menu

This menu lets you start up and dismiss the various windows for real-time and off-line visualization of the data. The menu consists of a number of toggle buttons. Select an item once to bring up the window and again to dismiss it. The names of windows are shown in gray when they are not available. This is either because a data set has not been loaded, or because the relevant real-time image or position feeds are not running.

`Review' window.
Shows recorded images, allows manual segmentation and enables plane selection.
`Outline' window.
Shows positions of recorded images in 3D space, along with the slice plane and any segmented contours. Also enables plane selection.
`Reslice' window.
Shows slice in chosen plane through recorded data.
`Repanorama' window.
Enables visualisation of recorded panorama data sets.
`Preview' window
Shows live images, allows the image cropping to be set and enables plane selection.
`Slice' window
Builds up slice in chosen plane in real-time.
`Panorama' window
Builds up panorama in real-time.
`Manifold' window
Extracts data on a curved manifold and displays it in a flat window.