Doctor of Philosophy (May 2013 - Sept 2016)

Machine Intelligence Lab, University of Cambridge, UK

Supervisor:   Prof. Roberto Cipolla

Master of Science (Oct 2010 - Sept 2011)

Communications and Signal Processing, Imperial College London, UK

Supervisor:   Prof. Pier Luigi Dragotti

Bachelor of Technology (2002 - 2006)

Electronics and Communications Engineering, India

Research Intern (May - July 2015)

Machine Learning & Perception, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Research Scholar (Oct 2011 - April 2013)

Google Chrome Media University Research Program @ Signal Processing Lab, University of Cambridge, UK


Senior Software / DSP Engineer (Aug 2008 - July 2010)

Embedded Audio & Video Systems, NXP Semiconductors, Hyderabad, India   &   Southampton, UK

Software / DSP Engineer (July 2006 - Aug 2008)

Embedded Audio Systems, Conexant Systems, Hyderabad, India

Intern (Summer 2003, 2004, 2005)

Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India

Contribution to International Standards (2007- 2008)

IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual, 1076 - 2008

IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual, Procedural Language Application Interface, 1076c - 2007

Awards & Honours

Cambridge Commonwealth / Overseas Trust Scholarship during PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK

MAN Group Scholarship for doing research related to Statistical Methods during PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK

Hertha Ayerton Centenary Prize for best Masters Thesis in EEE Department at Imperial College London for 2010 - 2011 (based on the most significant original contribution)

Certificate of Recognition for being an instrumental member of the Software Platform Development for the Apollo Chipset, from NXP Semiconductors, Hyderabad, India

Certificate of Merit for being a top performer as a part of the Audio DSP Firmware Team from NXP Semiconductors, Hyderabad, India.

Chancellor’s Gold Medal for securing First Position across all branches during BTech

Merit Scholarship during BTech