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Thomas Hain

I have recently joined the Speech and Hearing Group at Sheffield University.


Thomas Hain obtained the degree 'Dipl.-Ing' in Electrical/Communication Engineering in 1994 from the University of Technology, Vienna. He joined the Speech Technology Group at Philips Speech Processing which he left in a senior position in 1997 to begin work in the Speech, Vision and Robotics Group as Research Associate and PhD Student. He was appointed Lecturer in 2001. Apart from teaching CUED undergraduates he also taught on the Master course in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology until Dec 2003.

Research interests

  • Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition
  • Non-linear methods in speech processing
  • Low bit-rate speech coding

Current Projects

Teaching / 2003-2004

I am involved in teaching on the MPhil in Computer, Speech, Text and Internet Technology (CSTIT) and in undergraduate courses at CUED. Lecture notes etc will only be accessible from inside Cambirdge University.

Teaching / previous years


A list of publications is available.

Contact Details

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