Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Representations

Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Representations” by G. Iglesias, C. Allauzen, W. Byrne, A. de Gispert, and M. Riley. In Proceedings of the 2011 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.), July 2011, pp. 1373-1383 (11 pages).


This paper compares several translation representations for a synchronous context-free grammar parse including CFGs/hypergraphs, finite-state automata (FSA), and pushdown automata (PDA). The representation choice is shown to determine the form and complexity of target LM intersection and shortest-path algorithms that follow. Intersection, shortest path, FSA expansion and RTN replacement algorithms are presented for PDAs. Chinese-toEnglish translation experiments using HiFST and HiPDT, FSA and PDA-based decoders, are presented using admissible (or exact) search, possible for HiFST with compact SCFG rulesets and HiPDT with compact LMs. For large rulesets with large LMs, we introduce a two-pass search strategy which we then analyze in terms of search errors and translation performance.

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