Towards language independent acoustic modeling

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“Towards language independent acoustic modeling” by W. Byrne, P. Beyerlein, J. Huerta, S. Khudanpur, B. Marthi, J. Morgan, N. Peterek, J. Picone, D. Vergyri, and W. Wang. In IEEE Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, (Istanbul, Turkey), 2000, pp. 1029-1032 (4 pages), IEEE.


We describe procedures and experimental results using speech from diverse source languages to build an ASR system for a single target language. This work is intended to improve ASR in languages for which large amounts of training data are not available. We have developed both knowledge-based and automatic methods to map phonetic units from the source languages to the target language. We employed HMM adaptation techniques and Discriminative Model Combination to combine acoustic models from the individual source languages for recognition of speech in the target language. Experiments are described in which Czech Broadcast News is transcribed using acoustic models trained from small amounts of Czech read speech augmented by English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin acoustic models.

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