Abstract for gomersall_parameter_initialisation_tr640

Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/F-INFENG/TR 640


H. Gomersall, N. Kingsbury, R. Prager, H. Shin, G. Treece, and A. Gee

Dec 2009

Conventional beamforming used in pulse-echo ultrasound images results in an inherent blurring. This blurring limits the resolution, and hence the utility, of pulse-echo ultrasound in clinical applications. Ng et al. developed an expectation-maximisation algorithm to enhance blurred, two-dimensional RF ultrasound images. It is important that the algorithm is intialised well in order that convergence is rapid. We present here a methodology, with rationale, for estimating the initialisation parameters for the deconvolution algorithm described by Ng et al.

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