Abstract for treece_tr558

Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/F-INFENG/TR558


G.M. Treece, R.W. Prager and A.H. Gee

June 2006

Variations in attenuation in tissue can result in shadowing and enhancement in ultrasound images. Angular compounding of ultrasound images by lateral beam-steering can be used to improve delineation of structures, but causes such shadows and enhancements to appear in less recognisable forms. We present an algorithm which uses lateral beam-steering to produce compounded images with significantly reduced artefacts. This is compared to several other alternative algorithms for attenuation estimation, some of them embedded for the first time in a multi-angle framework. Algorithms are tested on simulated and in vitro data in 2D and 3D contexts. The new algorithm is as good as the best alternative on all data sets tested, and is straightforward to implement.

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