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Background - Research - Publications - Teaching

Position: PhD Student

E-mail: jhh37 [at]

Office Location: BN4-80


Since January 2014, I am a PhD student in the Computer Vision and Robotics group, Machine Intelligence lab at Cambridge University Engineering Department. My work is supervised by Prof. Roberto Cipolla, Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon and Dr Christopher Zach.

During the summer of 2014, I worked at Microsoft Research Cambridge as a research intern under the guidance of Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon, working on the problem of low-rank matrix factorization with missing data.

Research Interests

  • Bundle adjustment
  • Low-rank matrix factorization problems with missing data
  • Non-rigid structure-from-motion


Computer Vision

To follow...


Bayesian Error Propagation for a Kinetic Model of n-Propylbenzene Oxidation in a Shock Tube, S. Mosbach, J. H. Hong, G. Brownbridge, M. Kraft, S. Gudiyella, and K. Brezinsky, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 46(7), 389-404, (2014)



  • Part 2A 3F3 Signal and Pattern Processing (2015)
  • Part 2A 3M1 Mathematical Methods (2015)

Lab Demonstrations

  • Part 2A SF2 Image Processing (2014, 2015)
  • Part 2A 3F6 Object-oriented Programming (2015)
  • Part 1B Computing (C++) (2015)
  • Part 1B Computing (Octave / MATLAB) (2014)
  • Part 1A Microprocessors (2014)