Abstract for klein04tablet

Proc. Third IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR'04)


Georg Klein and Tom Drummond

November 2004

This paper presents a set of technologies which enable robust, accurate, high resolution augmentation of live video, delivered via a tablet PC to which a video camera has been attached. By combining several technologies this is achieved without the use of contrived markers in the environment: An outside-in tracker observes the tablet to generate robust, low-accuracy pose estimates. An inside-out tracker running on the tablet observes the video feed from the tablet-mounted camera and provides high accuracy pose estimates by tracking natural features in the environment. Information from both of these trackers is combined in an Extended Kalman Filter. Finally, to maximise the quality of the augmented imagery, boundaries where the real world occludes the virtual imagery are identified and another tracker is used to refine the boundaries between real and virtual imagery so that their synthesis is as convincing as possible.

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