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University of Cambridge Home Professor Roberto Cipolla, Department of Engineering

Research Staff

Dr Ignas Budvytis
Dr Ignas Budvytis
Dr James Charles
Dr James Charles

Research Fellows & Associate Members

Dr Roberto Mecca
Dr Roberto Mecca
Fotis Logothetis
Fotis Logothetis

PhD Students

Akash Sengupta
Akash Sengupta
Gwangbin Bae
Gwangbin Bae
Fei Xue
Fei Xue
Ollie Boyne
Ollie Boyne

PhD Graduates

Anthony Hu 2022 Neural World Models for Computer Vision
Benjamin Biggs 2022 Animal Reconstruction with 3D Morphable Models
Thomas Roddick 2021 Learning Birds-Eye-View Representations for Autonomous Driving
Marvin Teichmann 2020 Deep Structured Multi-Task Learning for Computer Vision in Autonomous Driving
Fotis Logothetis 2019 Detailed and practical 3D reconstruction with advanced photometric stereo modelling
Jonathan Parker 2018 Facial Expression Synthesis and Expressive Visual Speech Synthesis using Deep Learning
Alex Kendall 2018 Geometry and Uncertainty in Deep Learning
Yani Ioannou 2018 Structural Priors in Deep Neural Networks
Je Hyeong Hong 2018 Widening the basin of convergence for the bundle adjustment type of problems in computer vision
Simon Stent 2017 Image-based change detection: applications for smart infrastructure
Sukrit Shankar 2016 Deep learning approaches for detecting, ranking and synthezing visual attributes
Ujwal Bonde 2016 Robust object recognition from depth data
Rob Anderson 2014 Building an epressive text driven talking head
Tsz Ho Yu 2013 Classification and pose estimation of 3D shapes and human actions
Ignas Budvytis 2013 Graphical models for semi-supervised Video Segmentation
Paul McIlroy 2012 Texture ambiguity and occlusion in Live 3D reconstruction
Yu Chen 2012 Probablistic Frameworks for Single View Reconstruction using Shape Priors
Fabio Viola 2011 Resolution-independent Image Models
Simon Taylor 2011 Fast Object Localisation for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications
Neill Campbell 2010 Automatic 3D model acquisition from uncalibrated images
Tom Woodley 2010 Visual Tracking using Offline and Online Learning
Matthew Johnson 2008 Semantic Segmentation and Image Search
Julia Lasserre 2008 Hybrids of Generative and Discriminative Methods for Machine Learning
Tae-Kyun Kim 2008 Discriminant Analysis of Patterns in Image Sets and Videos
Ramanan Navaratnam 2007 Probabilistic Human Body Pose Estimation from Monocular Images
Shu-Fai Wong 2007 Motion Recognition for Human-Computer Interfaces
Jamie Shotton 2007 Contour and texture for visual recognition of object categories
Ognjen Arandjelovic 2007 Face recognition from video
George Vogiatzis 2006 Visual estimation of shape, reflectance and illumination
Ollie Williams 2005 Bayesian learning for efficient visual inference
Nanthan Arasathanan 2005 Template-based pose estimation and tracking of 3D hand motion
Bjorn Stenger 2004 Model-based hand tracking using a hierarchical bayesian filter
Martin Weber 2004 Curve and surface reconstruction from images and sparse finite element level-sets
Duncan Robertson 2004 Recovering geometric models from photographs of architectural scenes
Kenneth Wong 2001 Structure and motion from silhouettes
Anthony Dick 2001 Modelling and interpretation of architecture from several images
Paul Smith 2001 Edge-based motion segmentation
Adrian Broadhurst 2001 A probablistic framework for space carving
Paolo Mendonca 2001 Multiview Geometry: Profiles and Self-Calibration
Antranig Basman 1999 Image Segmentation
Kin Choong Yow 1998 Automatic Human Face Localization
Nick Hollinghurst 1997 Uncalibrated stereo and hand-eye coordination
Johnathan Lawn 1996 Linear methods for camera motion recovery
Jun Sato 1996 Group invariance in the visual motion and matching of curves
Chin Chung Chiu 1996 Detection of occluding boundaries in spatiotemporal images
Tat-Jen Cham 1996 Geometric representation and grouping of image curves
Mark Wright 1995 Skeletonisation using an extended distance transform
Mark Hodgetts 1995 Design and implementation of a multiple Views 3D Object recognition system
Sven Vinther 1995 Active 3D object recognition using geometric invariants

Recent Post Docs

Dr Alex Kendall Founder and CEO Wayve
Dr Thomas Roddick Tesla - Autopilot
Dr Tomas Vojir Czech Technical University
Dr Ankur Handa Nvidia Research
Dr Viorica Patraucean Google DeepMind
Dr Matthew Grimes Google DeepMind
Dr Vijay Badrinarayanan Wayve
Dr Damien Eads (Machine Learning start-up)
Prof Fabio Galasso University of Rome - Sapienza
Prof Tae-Kyun Kim KAIST and Imperial College
Dr Nanthan Thayananthan Blue Crest Capital - London
Prof Gabriel Brostow UCL
Dr Julien Fauqueur Benevolent AI
Dr Carlos Hernandez Waymo and Google
Dr Ben Tordoff The MathWorks, Cambridge
Dr Marta Wilczkowiak Microsoft Mixed Reality and Ai labs
Prof Paolo Favaro Professor University of Bern, Switzerland
Dr Bjorn Stenger Rakuten, Japan
Prof Tom Drummond Universityof Melbourne, Australia
Dr Ezio Malis INRIA
Prof Jun Sato Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Prof Edmond Boyer INRIA, France
Dr Nick Pears Reader, University of York
Prof Tat-Jen Cham NTU, Singapore
Dr Nicholas Hollinghurst Light Blue Optics, Cambridge
Prof Simeon Keates Dean, University of Greenwich, UK
Dr Gordon Fletcher Actuary and Consultant, Mercer Investment Consulting
Dr Gabriel Hamid Buhler Sortex, London
Robert Dowland ILM
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