Changes from Stradwin 5.4 to 6.0

Note that Stradwin is no longer being actively developed. If you are not using Stradwin for 3D ultrasound, you should use Stradview instead.

Changes to segmentation and draw task page

• flexible number of objects in draw task, internal limit is now 200

• added a check for new identical contours when using thresholding

• contour simplification and grassfire jump no longer has to be defined by zoom level

• added separate jump and simplify thresholds in draw task

• new 'follow ridges' feature, more faithful to data when automated thresholding

• added 'anti-segmented' threshold for data which should never be included

• grassfire 'jump' now doesn't jump over anti-segmented region

• generally much improved automated 3D thresholding

• automated thresholding includes 3D concavity detection (and removal)

• topology (inside/outside) in automated thresholding now in 3D


• likewise JUMP_THRESH, SIMPLIFY_THRESH, THRESH_BY_ZOOM all save in config file

• re-organisation of draw task page, including colours indicating current object

Changes to display and general presentation

• font scaling (used for hi-res displays) works correctly both in Windows and Linux

• all icons now have alpha channels, and three sizes of icon sets now available

• patient orientation now displayed in 3D window if DICOM file contains this info

• ortho visualisation is now First Angle Orthographic (was non-standard)

Cursor and mouse interaction with windows

• 3D window can now be either orthographic or perspective, using shift+zoom

• corresponding OUTLINE_VIEW_ANGLE now saved in config file

• 3D window, reslices and trackballs can now be twisted via shift+cursor key

• panning in 3D window now uses control+arrow rather than shift+arrow

Changes relating to loading and saving files

• explicit ‘open directory’ menu option which scans for DICOM or image sequences

• can now create a new raw (.sxi) stradwin file from an initial DICOM file

• landmark information can all be exported to a csv file

• surfaces can now be saved from scripts in the ply format

• files with a lot of contours now load and save much faster

Changes to shape model fitting

• new, more flexible, shape model task page which can load in models for anything

• new shape model can be moved manually in 3D window

Changes to reslices

• can now crop reslices to 'all' surfaces in ortho and reslice windows

• maximum width of reslice is now 4096 rather than 1024

Changes to cortical bone mapping


• faster thickness estimation over a surface due to sensible throttling of display update


• likewise THICKNESS_TYPE saved in body and config

Bug fixes and changes not affecting functionality

• use of std::nothrow in malloc so memory warnings can be seen

• bug fix (crash) in panning via right mouse button with low zoom factors

• bug fix to dicom load related to which DICOM file is initially selected

• now correctly sorts a DICOM sequence which has been loaded by opening a directory

• added internal dicom utility 'sample_on_line' function

• corrected default windowing for DICOM data, particularly if it is not CT

• change from wxICON_HAND to wxICON_EXCLAMATION in warning messages

• new progress bar so no big pause when loading in lots of resources from stradwin file

• contour extraction in grassfire massively speeded up for complex multiple contours

• better relative positioning and sizing of the various windows

• NaturalPoint Optitrack now tries to continue even if TT_Initialise() fails

• bug fix when erasing first contour in outline window

• minor bug fixes to improve script progress display

• slightly faster updating of various selection boxes when contours change

• can now read ply files with either 'vertex_indices' or 'vertex_index'

• the 3D window now zooms correctly when in live mode so the frame can always be seen